We are the sole UK distributor for the FIPA range of vacuum cups and equipment.

Over 1000 high quality products

As a complete system provider, FiPA covers the entire process chain from vacuum generation, through system peripherals, to the optimal vacuum cups for your product.

FIPA offers the possibly the widest range of vacuum cups in the world – perfectly tailored to the needs and applications necessary in a vast array of industries.

Whatever the industry, FIPA produces complete gripper and vacuum systems that are individually tailored to customer requirements. There is also a high level of compatibility between third party systems  allowing for quick and easy optimisation with quality FIPA products.


The most common application in the plastics industry is the removal of plastic parts, often hot, from the injection moulding machine. This is where the vast selection of FIPA cups comes into its own especially with temperature-resistant materials which enable subsequent painting of parts.

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The handling of wood presents some unique challenges with materials that can be porous.. However with the FIPA range of cups in various materials, and designs, flat cups, oval cups and bellows cups these challenges can now be readily overcome. In summary, we offer the largest range highly abrasion resistant cups with the most diverse […]

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Sheet Metal

Products for the metal and sheet metal processing industry should be high-quality, durable, extremely lightweight and cost-effective. Fipa offer wear-resistant materials for the dynamic handling of dry and oiled sheet metal parts in pressing plants, silicone-free and PWIS-free suction cups.

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The packaging industry primarily uses wear-resistant materials which are resilient and flexible enough for complex applications – eg.erection of boxes, handling of flexible goods, etc. With the vast range of cups we offer highly wear resistant cups made from vinyl or Varioflex® for uneven and rough surfaces, bag grippers for products with unstable shapes and […]

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The requirements for vacuum cups in the food industry range from the handling of pre-packaged food up to the direct handling of unpackaged foodstuffs. All FIPA vacuum cups for the food industry are manufactured from FDA-approved silicon, are extremely flexible, low marking, multiple folds for height adjustment and gentle product handling. We offer some cups […]

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End of arm Tooling

From the removal of sensitive plastic parts from injection molding machines through to the handling of sheet metal, building materials, glass, food and packaging of all types.

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Our solutions and components have applications in many industries – from the removal of sensitive plastic parts from injection moulding machines through to the handling of sheet metal, building materials, glass, food and packaging of all types.

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