End of arm Tooling

Application Solutions for End of Arm Tooling

End of arm tooling focuses primarily on gripping and cutting and is used in connection with plastics, sheet metal, and packaging, but can also be used in areas as diverse as electronics and wood processing. Whatever the application, FIPA has end of arm tooling solutions for you.

Product Recommendations for End of Arm Tooling

Grippers and gripper assemblies

Included in the FIPA line of gripper technology there are suction and vacuum based elements. These vacuum-based elements include both rigid and rotatable suction fingers and adjustable vacuum cup fittings.

Active gripping elements include grippers, ID grippers, finger grippers, needle grippers, and parallel grippers. Also included are plate-based gripping systems made from aluminum, carbon fiber, or laser formed PA (polyamide).

In support of these elements, there are also extrusion systems, angle clamps, and angle connectors. These various elements can be combined for form customized, reliable, cost-effective gripper assemblies.

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Quick-change systems

FIPA offers four different quick-change systems:

  • The S-series manual quick-change system for easy change-over of base plates and pneumatic couplings and includes spring-loaded base plates to compensate for the ejector stroke of injection molding machines
  • The SR-series is a manual round quick-change system with greater load capacity, an optically indicated locking position, and secure SAFE-LOCK snap-on coupling
  • The R-series is a manual rectangular quick change system similar to the SR-series
  • The ASR-series is an automatic quick-change system with guide pins to compensate for positional deviations that may occur during coupling and option electric plug connectors that can support up to eight sensor signals
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Air nippers

Air nippers are another key family of products manufactured by FIPA. Air nippers for manual or automatic operation, often installed on robot arms or cutting stations, can be used for more than one type of application, such as cutting metal wire or cutting of sprues after injection molding.

FIPA also makes stationary air nippers (with or without lift) that are commonly installed at cutting stations or on automated equipment. These stationary air nippers have an adjustable lift to facilitate cutting flush to the workpiece and are available as double-acting models for short cycles.

Also included in FIPA’s line of air nipper technology are air shears for either automatic or manual operation in the cutting of special plastics and textiles.

Various types of blades are available for these nippers, and special blades are available upon request.

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Linear technology

FIPA’s linear technology line supports the precise approach of grippers and air nippers to the workpiece. Included in this line are lifting cylinders (operated either by compressed air or a vacuum) that are used for stacking or destacking thin, flat workpieces and the fixation of these workpieces in the cutting station.

FIFA’s Short stroke cylinders have been designed to be lightweight and space saving and come with sensors for optional monitoring the position of the piston; in addition, these cylinders can be combined with pressure plates to serve as a holding or gripping tool.

Dual piston cylinders provide the feed lift of grippers and cutting tools and posses a torsionally rigid dual piston design and precision slide bearings for use with high loads. These cylinders also include sensors for optional monitoring of sensor position.

FIPA also makes guide blocks for the feed lift of grippers and cutting tools that include sensors for optional piston position monitoring. Some models are available in an extra slim design for use in space-limited applications.

The Benefits of Using FIPA Solutions for End of Arm Tooling

  • A comprehensive portfolio of products to support all of your end of arm tooling needs
  • Products available that have been optimised for use in a variety of industries, including plastics, food, sheet metal, and packaging
  • Designed to help you achieve maximum process reliability and repeatability
  • FIPA can assist you with the planning and implementation of a specialised gripper system

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