Application Solutions for the Food Industry

Vacuum cups for the food industry have very unique requirements, including two overarching concerns in the design: the delicacy of the materials being handled ( e.g., fragile eggs or chocolate candies) and whether the vacuum cup material itself is FDA approved.

Because the shape and consistency of the foods being handled can vary (and can include the direct handling of unpackaged foodstuffs or manipulating pre-packaged foodstuffs) there are special product lines described below to address the needs of different types of food products.

Product Recommendations for the Food Industry

Vacuum cups for chocolates

The FIPA SL-P vacuum cup product line has been specially designed for use with chocolate products, no matter how delicate those products may be. The vacuum suction cups posses a very flexible suction lip to provide a secure grip on chocolate products (even those with most challenging textured surfaces) while at the same minimally marking the product (if it is marked at all). Included in this line are the SL-PF flat vacuum cup products and the SL-PB bellows vacuum cup products.

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Vacuum cups for baked goods

FIPA has two types of solutions available for use with baked goods: the SL-B and the SLBD. The FIPA SL-B has been engineering to work with baked goods and thus designed with an emphasis on gentle handling of the product. In addition, these vacuum cups offer a high degree of height adjustment via multiple folds. Both the SL-B and the SL-BD are ideal when working with food items such as bread, donuts, waffles, pizza, and other baked goods.

For baked goods where there are very strict contamination requirements, the FIPA SL-BD is ideal. Because the material used for the vacuum cup it is detectable by machines such as SAFELINE metal detectors, it provides optimum assurance that vacuum components are not contaminated your baked good food products Any foodstuffs that are contaminated can easily be detected and discarded. Like the SL-B, it also has multiple folds to support a high degree of height adjustment.

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Vacuum cups for eggs

The handling of eggs is extremely challenging due to both their size and their fragility. The FIPA SL-E silicone suction cups, perhaps better described as bellows vacuum cups, have been specially optimised for handling eggs as it provides a gentle attachment to the egg and a supports a high lifting motion thanks to a long vacuum cup lift.

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The Benefits of Using FIPA Solutions for Food

  • All FIPA vacuum cups for the food industry are manufactured from FDA-approved materials
  • FIFA vacuum cups for the food industry have been engineered specifically for use with foodstuffs with a dual emphasis on gentleness and achieving a reliable seal
  • Separate designs to address the unique needs of handling eggs, baked goods, and chocolates
  • Suction lips are flexible enough to readily adapt to uneven surfaces
  • Most designs offer a bellows suction to compensate for varying heights without a problem
  • Easy to clean and sanitize and made of materials that are resistant to the most commonly used cleaning methods and chemicals
  • Minimal to no marking of the food product surface

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