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We understand that each application is different, so we offer a huge range of suction cups (currently over 20,000 cups available) to help find a cup suitable for your application. We offer cups in various materials such as nitrile rubber for general use, silicon for food handling and electronics, natural rubber for applications that require anti-marking materials (such as glass handling), vinyl for packaging, plus many more materials for other applications.

We can also offer cups in various shapes and sizes – from flat cups, bellows cups, oval and rectangular cups through to special shapes and purpose-made cups and accessories for specific tasks (such as our CD/DVD lifting cups and 3-finger vacuum grippers for handling mugs and pottery). The size range of our cups start from as small as one millimetre in diameter and can be as large as six hundred millimetres in diameter. We also have a vast range of fittings available for each cup to help it suit your application. Each cup has its own specific choice of fittings, so we can advise you on the correct fitting for your cup if you so wish.

Unlike some vacuum cup manufacturers and distributors, we are happy to quote for one-off applications or larger applications that may require thousands of cups throughout the duration of the year. Either way, we believe our prices to be very competitive! We also offer generous discounts on bulk quantities, making our prices even more competitive. Our delivery times are also very quick! Many cups are stock items, which means we can usually send them out to you within 24 hours – and even if they aren’t in stock, we can usually have them despatched to you within 5-7 working days!

Other products in the HUK/FIPA range include plunger valves, spring levellers, end-of-arm tooling, air nippers, pneumatic grippers, grabbers, vacuum clamping systems, electronic vacuum switches, pressure switches, vacuum filters, vacuum pumps, vacuum conveyors, vacuum units, generators, lifting cylinders, vacuum controllers, vacuum squeezers, vacuum and pressure hoses and flat rubber discs.

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